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Stuffed Alpine Marmots

Our newest addition to our Alpen Schatz Stuffed Animal collection, are our Alpine Entertaining Marmots from Tirol! These fuzzy creatures are taking Alpine communities by storm, and Alpen Schatz is the first to discover them and bring them into North America! Each Marmot has a particular talent…from yodeling, to singing, to playing the accordion. A great treat from the Alps to enjoy with friends and family. Yodel-eh-hi-huuu!

Be sure to see our yodeller in action at the bottom of this page and scroll down to see our
additions to our marmot family!

Jodel Marmot

Yodel Marmutt

Click on picture for close-up or scroll down to see him yodel

This delightful Marmot is a world class yodeler…often to be found in high Alpine fields, yodeling to his heart’s content…

Description Price
Yodel Marmot $34.95 alpenschatz

Beer Drinking Marmot

Beer Drinkin Marmot

Click on picture to hear him sing

This is our Oktoberfest Marmot, winning prizes each year with his “Ein Prosit” festival hit song…

Description Price
Beer Drinking Marmot $34.95 alpenschatz

Accordion Marmot

Accordian Marmot

Click on picture to see him play

Our Accordion Playing Marmot is often found accompanying top Polka bands around Austria, Switzerland and Germany, as well as playing background music for our other talented Marmots.

Description Price
Accordion Marmot $34.95 alpenschatz

Skiing Yodeling Marmot

Sking Marmutt

Click on picture to see his perfect yodel


One of our top sellers! Our darling Yodeling Marmot Skier yodels just as enchanting as his summer Lederhosen counterpart (above), however this little guy is decked out with his winter apparel and his classic wooden skies.

Description Price
Skier Marmot $34.95 alpenschatz

Heidi Yodeling Marmot

Sking Marmutt

Click on picture to see her dance and yodel


Murmeltier Heidi is our token femal Marmot in the collection! Heidi will endear all with her feminine Yodel and her darling Alpine Dirndl & scarf.

Description Price
Heidi Marmot $34.95 alpenschatz

NEW! Schnarcher (Snoring) Marmot

Schnarcher Marmutt

Click on picture to see him snore!


The newest addition to our Marmot collection, this Schnarcher, or Snoring Marmot will leave everyone in stitches with his deep snore and lifting belly. The perfect gift for that couch loving, after meal napping loved one.

Description Price
Schnarcher Marmot Introductory Special! $24.95 alpenschatz

NEW! Mini Marmot Key Rings

Mini Yodel Marmot Key Ring

Click on picture to see close-up


Our little Mini Marmots are dressed just the same and they yodel, sing, and play just as their larger cousins - the only thing they don't do is dance. They make a perfect key ring, or attach them to a bag or back-pack or to the car mirror for yodelling fun the whole day long.

They come in the following styles: Classic Yodeller, Accordion Player, Beer Drinker, Skier, Snowboarder and Heidi. Click on Purchase for options.

Description Price
Mini Marmot Key Ring $16.00 alpenschatz
Alpen Schatz customer shows off Marmot on YouTube!!!
Jodel Marmot shown in interview with Mary Dawn on PlumTV


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