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As part of the fun in ordering our products, we like to post pictures of all of our happy tail-wagging AND non-tail-wagging customers in addition to some fun articles written about us.

Monty by the Matterhorn

We have put our Happy Customers - both PETS and PEOPLE into a series of photo-albums (below).






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ALIVE Article by Colorado Tourism Board

Ranked one of Top Ten Boutiques in Colorado - Colorado Tourist Board

Telluride Style Article

From Collars to Cowbells - Telluride Style Magazine

Schlappi in the grass...

How to Submit a Picture

Email us a digital image of your favorite K-9 sporting his brand new Alpen Schatz Swiss collar, harness, or leash. If you don't have a digital camera, no worries! We also welcome pictures by post, mailing them to:

Schaussi’s Alpen Schatz
P.O. Box 823 / 100 W. Colorado Ave.
Telluride CO. 81435 USA

And be sure not to forget his/her name, age, or any other special traits about your lovable four-legged friend you would like to share with us!

Customer Testimonials

Following are emails and letters that we have received over the years from our customers. Thank you all for shopping with Alpen Schatz!

February 2009 - Large Contemporary Collar (Album 4)
"Thank you for "enabling" my office staff to give Meinrad a new Swiss collar on his first birthday (and they even used my office charge and had already paid it before I found out what they were doing!). I am enclosing two pics of dubious quality showing Lone Star's Meinrad von Einsiedeln on his very first birthday on Grondhog's Day with his lovely new Swiss Collar from your store.  I think I also forgot to tell you THANK YOU -- this collar is magnificent and the red sets off his very rare "Blue Swissy" coloring. Now I want a leash! I am starting cart training with him tomorrow and also scoped out your harnesses -- just gorgeous. Thank you so much -- we have all really had fun celebrating the "little horse's" birthday -- just can't believe he fits in such a HUGE collar! He rolle in the mud yesterday and it cleaned right up -- very impressive quality. Thank you again."

Mary Carolyn and Meinrad of Austin, Texas

February 2009 - Swiss Cross Collar
"It's PERFECT. The size is perfect (using one of the middle holes). The craftsmanship and ornament detail are beautiful It is absolutely the most beautiful collar I have ever seen. Your pictures don't do it justice. Thank you! "

Carol of Pasadena, California

January 2009 - Tails of Telluride Book
"Hello Mary Dawn, My thanks for your prompt sending of my order. The parcel arrived yesterday, and has been very well received by family. It made a great gift and memento for us, of our time in Telluride. The parcel took just 12 days to arrive, just for future reference, as we are probably the farthest city in the world from you guys."

Susan of Perth, Australia

December 2008 - Three Contemporary Collars
"(Before Christmas) I received the beautiful collar(s) today --thank you very much and Happy Holiday to you and yours!!!
(After Christmas) We are in a blizzard here in Utah--beautiful--I wanted to let you know the collars were perfect--Thanks again! Happy New Year!! "

Mitzi of Texas

December 2008 - Antique Austrian Figurine - Kellermadl
"Hi Mary Dawn. I just wanted to tell you, my husband and I just opened the guardian guy (not sure WHAT to call him), and he is absolutely beautiful! It's so perfect. I appreciate your looking (for this piece) and conquering the "assignment"."

Molly of Durango, Colorado

November 2008 - Yodelling Marmot
"I just ordered the Accordion Marmmot for my wife's christmas gift. You might remember me from last year when we were in Telluride with a group of people from Buffalo, New York. I bought a great sweater at the time along with the jodeling marmot. It was at the end of February. I am from Leverkusen near Cologne. I am having it shipped to my son in Holland New York near Buffalo to make sure my wife does not see it. The group is coming back the end of February, but I am unable to join them for this trip. Perhaps the next time. I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and a healthy and prosperous Holiday season. "

Bernd of Buffalo, New York

October 2008 - Traditional Dirndl Dress
"This isn't the best picture of me, but I was eating a Brat and didn't want to look like I'd been eating. Everyone has loved all the outfits that you found and sized perfectly for me. If I get a better picture I'll send it your way. P.S. We'll be skiing in Telluride end of January 2009. Hope to see you then."

Diane of Sedona, Arizona

September 2008 - Alpine Edelweiss Collar and Swiss Belt
"Thank you very much for my order. It arrived well and I am very pleased. With the cost of airfare, it will be a while before I get back to Switzerland, so this was a wonderful way to get a couple things I wanted. Thank you for your service and wide selection."

Andrean of Monkton, Vermont

May 2008 - Collars and Accessories and Water Bottles
"THANK-YOU so much for the wonderful experience at Alpen Schatz—we are still talking about our great time with all of you! The pictures are awesome!!! We will send you some of ours when we get organized! Thanks again for your hospitality, the home-baked cookies, water thermos, pins and most of all your time. I know we will keep in touch—I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys at the Specialty here in 2010! I’ll keep looking for a puppy for Alyssa. Thanks to Jennifer from Lilli for a great massage and breakthrough day! We miss Telluride already…I’ve already worn the scarf and edelweiss pin—very cool."

Heather, Mike, Fiona, Lilli, Maeve and Josie of Wisconsin

May 2008 - Alpen Schatz Lederhosen, Bouse, Vest and Hat
"I have only just returned home from the Swissie National. I would like to keep the brown vest and the blouse and will return the blue vest---even tho I love it very much! I was---alas---unable to wear my Alpen Schatz outfit as it was so wet and muddy that I didn't want to get the clothes all mud spattered. I was able, however, to wear my Swiss hat which I purchased from you at the BMDCW National in Michigan in 2006 !"


April 2008 - Meindl Leather Jacket
"Mary Dawn: Just wanted to let you know that the jacket arrived and is beautiful... thanks for getting me back into a beautiful Meindl jacket after my misfortune (at the restaurant). What a wonderful bit of fortune it was that we stopped into your store while in Telluride! I really don't think that anyone else in the US carries Meindl clothing. I guess that every thing we do in life really is for a reason! Thanks so much!"

Barry of San Francisco

April 2008 - Alpine Edelweiss Green and Red Collar
"Our small Golden, Clicquot, looks great in her new green/red Edelweiss collar. We appreciate the craftsmanship and she will wear it for many years to come. Thanks so much!"

Carolyn and Tom

March 2008 - Meindl Jacket
"I am Renee's brother and I received the Meindl Jacket that I purchased from you. The Meindl jacket is a fine piece of workmanship and it fits well. I am very pleased with my purchase and I want to thank you and the personnel at Schaussi’s Alpenschatz for the attention given to this long distance quest.
Ps: Big sister certainly knows how to spend her little brother’s $$$$$$ "


February 2008 - Children's Dirndl Dress
"Last sumer my wife and I did some shopping at your beautiful shop. It was during the time of the mud slide which damaged your home. We promised a few pictures when Rita "modelled" one of the dresses. We bought another dress but it is still a bit large for her.You will have to wait."

Proud Grandparents

January 2008 - Swiss Dog Collars
"When I get my Berner Website up and running I will share that with you :) People freak out when they see my collars :) I have 3 females, Sosha, she is currently 9 months old. She is very photogenic~! She has the wide collar. That is my favorite because you can see it better :) The other 2 dogs are Ginger and Holly, they are full sisters and 6 months old. They are going to be bigger than Sosha. They all 3 have the same sire. These are fun photos...Enjoy!"


January 2008 - Swiss Dog Collar and Leash
"You are so kind to send us the Ellie pics. We were thrilled to meet you, to be in your store, are thrilled with the collar and leash, and are looking forward to hosting a mini-kegger party at our house after Ellie's keg arrives. Many people have admired her beautiful collar. As we drove back to Arizona across the Navajo reservation and let Ellie out to take a break, our older son pointed out how very Southwestern Ellie's Swiss collar looked in that environment. We look forward to seeing you next time. Happy new year!"

Mary Sue

January 2008 - Swiss Dog Collar and Leash
"Just wanted to drop off a picture of Jake in his new collar. Jake von Brunswick is an Entlebucher Sennenhund (Swiss Mountain Cattle Dog). They are a very rare breed, less than 2000 of them. They are cousins to the Bernise and Greater Swiss. Enjoy! Thanks again for getting us an authentic Swiss collar. Happy New Year!"


December 2007 - Swiss Dog Collars
"The collars arrived in Sydney today and they're everything I hoped for... The collars are so beautiful ..."

Duncan, NSW Australia

December 2007 - Children's Dirndl
"We Bought this dress for our daughter in your Telluride shop some time in august of this year. Thought you might like some of these photos (Album 2)...Her Name is Sierra Dawn. Maybe we can get another dress sometime and take more pictures we sure had a lot of fun doing these. "

Trent and Heather

December 2007 - Swiss Dog Collar
"I just wanted to write and let you know that your package arrived Friday and your items are ...AWESOME!!!! Molson's collar fits just fine and I absolutely LOVE my belt. It is by far the nicest and coolest thing I have ever seen. I don't think I will ever take it off. Thank you soooo much!! I will certainly spread the word about your wonderful store and recommend you to everyone I know and come in contact with in the Berner and Swiss communities.
Once again .. THANK YOU!! I am sure I will be back again and again!! Take care & have a WONDERFUL Holiday Season!!"

Rob of Hoosier Roos Bernese

November 2007 - Swiss Cow Bell
" Thanks for the COW BELL! Many pictures are posted on Flickr from the parade."

Matt Sidesinger

November 2007 - Stuffed Plueti Donkey
"I would like to purchase the donkey for my Mom for Christmas. We have visited your store several times. Your store is my mother's favorite shop in town. You might remember us. Please hug your BIG dogs for me."


October 2007 - Schuetzenscheiben - Antique Painted Barrel Lids
"Mary Dawn, I received the package on Friday. They are gorgeous!!! So glad you had such a nice selection. One is already hanging. The other one will be a Christmas present for my husband. Also, thanks for the collar. Thanks again for all your help."


September 2007 - Swiss Belt
"Thanks Mary Dawn. Excited to finally be able to keep up, fashion wise, with my pups !! (two Berners)"


September 2007 - Jewelry and Accessories
"This is Julie. I met you a couple weeks ago with my family. I loved your shop but had a hard time getting to shop alone. Just wanted to say I am going to an Oktoberfest party on Sept. 22 and am going to wear my neckerchief with the cool charm. I am so excited. Love the edelweiss earrings and cannot wait to wear the necklace I purchased (it has been too hot to wear and I do not want to ruin the cord). Just wanted to say hi and let you know it was nice meeting you."


August 2007 - Swiss Dog Collars
"Mary Dawn – thanks for the note. Just to let you know – I have in the past purchased three of the beautiful collars from you, one being for my two year old Great Dane who looks fabulous with his collar. I would love to send you a picture of him for your customer’s page on your website. Would it be possible for me to just mail you a couple of pictures of him as I don’t have photo capabilities on my computer. Please let me know and I can mail you a couple of photo’s for you to choose from. Thanks so much, Theresa"


July 2007 - Ladies Meindl Coat
" As you've probably guessed by now, I'm keeping the embroidered coat. Thanks ever so much for your help. One day soon when it cools off I'll take a picture for the archive. I wish our old Berner George were still alive to stand by my side. Happy Telluride summer. Let's keep in touch. Nancy"

Nancy of Arizona

June 2007 - Ladies Meindl Jacket
" Just wanted to type a proper "Danke" for being so willing to send all the excellent photos of the gorgeous jackets, for sending me the Alm Rausch (I think that's right-my German is limited to shopping and dining terms!) jacket, and for sharing the promotional materials on Telluride. It felt like Xmas when the delivery came! I am really excited to wear the jacket and given the vagaries of MD weather, I am feeling smart that I have it in linen...I feel like linen + red + the leather/fur bits will make it a four-season choice...Can't wait to play around with shirts/jeans/trousers and see what looks best here in the mid-Atlantic. ...and let me know if you do get hold of the incredible silk scarves we know of from places like Munich and Salzburg...they are like that Victoria jacket lining with the plaid/woven/patterned silk...amazing and a whole 'nother addiction!"

Victoria of Maryland

May 2007 - Edelweiss Bandanas
" As requested, I'm attaching a photo of us human "Berners" and dog Berners wearing our swiss banadanas for the Maifest Parade in Leavenworth, WA. As you can see, all seven of us are sporting the lovely scarves - thanks so much. We got lots of compliments on them!...You certainly have my permission to post the photo - we all loved the bandanas, they were the finishing touch to our costumes!

Peggy and Zeke, Streaking Man of Steel of Washington

April 2007 - Alpine Swiss Keg
"Thanks for the express mail. I received it . It looks so adorable. My dog loves it."


March 2007 - Edelweiss Belt and Red Swiss Collar
" Just received my edelweiss belt, and my red swiss dog collar for my black lab Willa. Both fit well and look terrific. Thank you for your help!"

Gail and Willa

March 2007 - Edelweiss Collar
"Thank you so much for suggesting the black and brass Edelweiss collar! Below are some photos of Kessler and Hootie. Kessler is very photogenic and easy going, but Hootie is really a shy little thing. It's going to take some love and attention to get her to come out of her shell. She is however, "Hell on wheels" when it comes to cattle! These "guys" are Mc Nabs; working cow dogs. I raised 3 litters of puppies with The Mother Dog, Hannah; she and Uncle Jake live up on the ranch in Cambria."

Best regards, Debs

March 2007 - Swiss Collar and Cow Bell
"It was absolutely WONDERFUL to meet you. You were so nice to us. Lilly is a very lucky little girl!! She loves her collar and bell and I sent that picture out to everybody we know when we got home. I've had so many people ask me where she got such a unique collar since we've been back in Phoenix. I bet she won't be the only one with that collar pretty soon!! I would love the thick black and silver leash. Let me know what we need to do to get it. Thanks so much for everything. We loved our trip out to Telluride and I miss Heather so much. I know we will be back to visit again soon. We'll stop in and see you."

Thanks again! Jodi

December 2006 - Swiss Dog Collar
"We received the collar today. It is exquisitely beautiful! Thank you so much. Enjoy your Christmas and may your God bless you and your family in the New Year...It is an exquisitely beautiful collar and we will definitely treasure it! The Berners like to look and feel nice and he has recognised that the collar is beautiful and shows off when he has it on. We can’t leave it on him at the moment, but soon the holidays will be over and we will be walking more and swimming less. Then the whole town will see his lovely decoration! He will wear it in the competitions as it will match his harness. When the harness is finished, I will send you a photo of the whole “ensemble”. You will like it, I am sure! ... We have put the photo of Behr wearing THE collar! If you click on the links above, you will be taken to our main page, which has the pic on it. Click on the pic and it wil enlarge. If you go to the “alpenschatz” page. It will have he pic on it. If you click on that pic, it will link to your site."

Kindest regards, SAM ANGELL of South Africa

August 2006 - Swiss Dog Collars
"Mary Dawn, not sure if you remember us. My wife and I were in for a wedding in late June and bought a couple dog collars. The dogs love them and start to yodel when they get to go for a walk. Just wanted to thank you for making us feel at immediately welcome in Telluride. I wrote a little yodel op piece on my website and linked to your site. Once again thanks for everything and have a great fall."

Servus, Norm and Julie

May 2006 - Stuffed Bernese Mountain Dog
" To let you know after our conversation last Wednesday that I got woke up at 12:30 Friday morning from an ecstatic mother from Las Vegas to let me know that "Solomon" had arrived at her door. If you could think of an 81 year old down on her luck, as to her health, acting as a kid, that was it. It did more for her than flowers, jewelry or other trinkets. It got her mind off more depressing health issues. She was in the same frame on mind on Sunday. Thanks again."


We have many more customer testimonials dating back to 2001, however the list became too long to post. We hope that you have enjoyed reading a select few of our Customer stories from most recent years and if you are not already an "Alpen Schatzi", that you may become one soon! Thank you!

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