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Alpen Schatz Boutique
in the heart of Telluride, Colorado

Due to many enquiries over the years, Alpen Schatz opened a one of a kind European
"Alpine Lifestyle" Boutique in one of the most Alpine-looking, scenic places in the United States:
Telluride, Colorado!

Check out many of our latest "Alpine Treasures" below...

Viel Spaß!

Store telephone number: +1-970-728-4433 or
Toll Free 1-888-88-ALPEN (1-888-882-5736)


Alpine Good Luck Charms

Alp N Rock Edelweiss Tee
Alp N Rock

Antique Swiss Military Bags
Retro Leather Swiss (ex-Military) Handbags

Apparel for Men and Women

Alpen Schatz Alpine Fleece Hats, Headbands and Mittens
Warm Winter Hats and Mittens

Edelweiss Scarf
Stylish Accessories

Marc Tauffer Swiss Farm Animals
Hand Carved Swiss Wooden Toys

Heartwarming Books

Alpen Schatz POP ART Bernese T-Shirts
POP ART Pet T-Shirts, Totes, Socks & Jewelry

Swiss Edelweiss Shirt
Swiss Edelweiss Shirts

Swiss Farmer Shirt
Swiss Farm Shirts

Irish Celtic Heart Ornament
Irish Stained Glass Ornaments

French Sun Hats
French Sun Hats


All prices are quoted excluding tax and shipping costs. Tax will only apply to shipments made in the state of Colorado. Shipping costs will depend on the method of shipment chosen.


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