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Alpen Schatz Boutique
Nate Larson, Alpen Schatz Customer Alpine Hats

One of Alpen Schatz's favorite imports for years has been it's German Alpine breathable wool felt hats. These hats are worn by the Germans, Austrians, Northern Italians and Swiss and they typically adorn them with either a feather or a gamsbart and theme pins. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Prices range from $45 to $95. Alpen Schatz also carries a wide assortment of feathers, gamsbaerte and traditional hat pins.


Viel Vergnügen!
Your Alpen Schatz Team

click on image for enlargement

click on image for enlargement
Traditional Glacier Hat
and Glacier Goggles
Items sold separately

Trachtenhut mit Hornschalle
(Traditional Grey Hat with
Green band and Deer Antler or Old Coin Adornment)

Gletcherhut $60
Trachtenhut $95
Glacier Goggles $60
Glacier Goggles & Glacier Hat Set $120

click on image for enlargement

click on image for enlargement
Matterhorn Hat
(Traditional Hat with Pewter Ornaments woven into Hat Band)
Jagahuat mit Muenze
(Hunting Hat with Coin Adornment)
Matterhorn Hat $95
Jagahut $69

click on image for enlargement

click on image for enlargement
Tyrolean Alpine Hat
(Traditional Hunting Hat)

Französin Hut
(Fine French Alpine Hat
with feather)

Tyrolean Hat $65
Französin Hut $65

click on image for enlargement
Urige Anglerhut(Traditional Fisherman's hat with Pewter Fish Adornment)
Anglerhut $85

click on image for enlargement
Alpen Schatz Alpine Fleece Hats, Headbands and Mittens
click on image for enlargement
Original Ausseer Trachtenhut
Warm Winter Hats & Mittens
w Edelweiss Trim
Ausseer Trachtenhut $75

Large Gamsbart

click on image for enlargement

Small, Medium and Large Gamsbart

click on image for enlargement
Large Gamsbart (7.25")

Small (4.25") and Medium (5.5") Gamsbart
Large $80
Small $30
Medium $50
Our hats come in European sizes which can be converted as follows:

6-7/8 (American) 55 (European)
7 (American) 56 (European)
7-1/8 (American) 57 (European)
7-1/4 (American) 58 (European)
7-3/8 (American) 59 (European)
7-1/2 (American) 60 (European)
7-5/8 (American) 61 (European)


All prices are quoted excluding tax and shipping costs. Tax will only apply to shipments made in the state of Colorado. Shipping costs will depend on the method of shipment chosen.


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